Thank you, DipTwice,
for an excellent product, singular and imaginative with endlessly creative possibilities for the user! We "did" Pesach as it is meant to be done!

Barbara O. Buffalo NY

All the participants of our annual seder wanted to dedicate a Haggadah to our seder hosts - we collected stories and photos to include in the book. After looking through the Haggadah, our hosts cried with joy.

L. Meyer Miami, FL

Travel Book

DipTwice provides you with the ability to design your own Haggdah through our proprietary photo book website. Upon entering the DipTwice website, you may add your own personal touches to the pages of a Haggadah template that is pre-populated with standard Hebrew and English text (including translations and transliterations). With the ease of use that a photo book interface provides, you are able to decorate and enrich your personal Haddagah with original and licensed works, as well as have the otion to include familiar components, such as family photos, recipes, and stories.

DipTwice also offers Israel travel book templates that allow you to drag and drop your own Israel photos into beautifully designed pages, add text to capture those precious experiences, and decorate to fully personalize the experience.

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